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Easy Requirements for No Fax Payday Loans

Are you short on cash, time, and/or credit? No need to worry any more! With no fax payday loans, you don't even need credit. Even if your credit has been washed out, you can be approved for no fax payday loans. That is because absolutely no credit checks are done. That's right, your payday loan is not based upon credit, so most everyone can qualify.

Easy Payday Loan Requirements

Getting approved for a payday loan is much easier than getting approved for other types of loans. This is because the requirements are minimal. Most likely your no fax payday loan will be approved if you have the following:

• Proof of identity and age (a driver's license is usually sufficient). You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for no fax payday loans.
Proof of residency (utility or phone bill)
• Proof of steady income (paycheck stub, letter from employer, etc.)
• Proof of bank account (can be checking and/or savings account in your name).

* You will not need collateral or a co-signer to be approved for no fax payday loans.

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